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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is Tamara Dietrich a racist?

Leaving aside the question of her position on the provisions of the Constitution, we need to explore the racism that is going to divide America during the Obama administration, as practiced by his acolytes. That his acolytes can be defined as anyone who is a member of the press goes without saying. So let’s start with Tamara Dietrich who writes: It's a madhouse outside the gun shops, too in the Daily Press.

She begins her screed about guns sales with the following observation:

A black man gets elected president and half the country dives for the panic room, buying up guns and squirreling away supplies like fatalists awaiting the End of Days.

So Tamara ascribes the rise in guns sales to Obama’s skin color. That’s wrong in so many ways. First, it’s a logical fallacy known as “post hoc ergo propter hoc” which is translated as “after this therefore because of this.” Keep in mind that this is by far the most often-observed fallacy in the news business. The lazy reporter (but I repeat myself) observes something happening and looks back to find what she thinks is the cause and ties the two together. It’s stupid and in other professions it can lead to failure. It has just taken somewhat longer to catch up with the news industry.

We can then ask why Tamara linked race and gun purchases. It’s because she is a racist and that’s how racists think. Want proof? Let’s go to her next few words:

That's an exaggeration, of course.

Barack Obama is biracial, not black.

In the South during Jim Crow and in South Africa during apartheid, the amount of “black blood” you had determined your racial identity. It was known as the “one drop” rule: if you had only “one drop” of back blood in your background, you were legally black. Tamara has internalized that view which explains her position. In this case, because of his white mother, Obama is not authentically black.

Which gets us involved in another interesting discussion: are there any authentically black people in the US by Tamara’s standards? Are our home grown “African Americans” really black enough? If so, why are their African African cousins so much darker?

DAI in "Paranoid Gun Owners" deals with Tamara’s other problems, which are – at their base – rooted in her racism: her refusal to admit any other reason for the rise in gun sales.

Far from putting racism behind us, Obama’s election has brought it to the fore, giving the most rabid racists – white and black – Obama’s skin color as the reason for everything. Starting with a smarmy little jerk at the Newport News Daily Press.

In case you want to know what she looks like, in case you run into her:


Anonymous said...

Nah, she isn't a racist. She's just another ignorant, elist, liberal. But I repeat my self, thrice.

Braeg Heneffe said...

Tamara Dietrich is 100% a racist as far as I can see.