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Saturday, November 29, 2008

What happens when someone defines you as an “enemy?”

You may not take them seriously since you are too “grown up” … too sophisticated … to take the ranting of crazy people (fringe groups?) seriously. After all, Mr. & Mrs. Liberal, you stand at the pinnacle of civilization (even as you deny this in “multiculturalism class”). So what happens when the rabble comes to your 5 star hotel and shoots you?

From India during Mumbai:
We did not wish to be ‘enemies’, but since we have been constructed that way, should not we take our roles as ‘enemies’ a bit more seriously? I cannot speak the language of peace and love anymore. If the war is forced upon us, we will have to accept it. And since our state is too inept to handle it on our behalf, let us debate ways in which we can all participate in this ‘war’, through words, wisdom or actions.

I am afraid it will not soothe my senses anymore by being told again and again that religions stand for peace and ‘some people’ are misusing religion and misquoting scriptures. The problem is that the supply of ‘some people’ seems to be never ending. These ‘some people’ are not just a few people but like amoeba they keep multiplying. I am afraid I will not feel calmed tomorrow when I hear that we should try to understand the ‘root causes’, the injustices and anger that force people on the path of terror.

I grew up at a time when the nation of India stood for pacifism. Mahatma Gandhi – that uber-pacifist – was still our image of the typical Indian. That image of India has passed, but it still lingers in the mind as a cultural echo. So what is going to be the India that has war waged against it?

If we are paying the price for being a tolerant and democratic (although not perfect) nation (there are many dissenting voices tolerated in this country including the voices that speak of hatred against communities of all kinds, voices that talk of revenge and exclusion and voices that are overtly seditious against the state), I reject the guilt, shame and tolerance today for it makes me your ‘enemy’. You punish our innocent people for crimes of a few; and scream hoarse when the ‘innocent’ in your community are held up because of your barbarity. You reject our diversity (of our opinion and politics as well that has defended you and stood for you always), you do not like it when we have spoken with different voices. I, therefore, accept the ‘national identity’ you have bestowed on me as your ‘enemy’, an identity that I had always questioned in order to understand you and your problems. Thank you for reminding us, Indians (those who consider themselves one), once again that we are all equal ‘enemies’ in your war and that we need to think of an equal and befitting response.

This is a comment that could be made by pretty much anyone in the US. Except Hollywood, the Universities, the Left, No?

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