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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The New Obama Rules

Given the MSM’s track record as one arm of the Democrat national Committee and the official cheering section of the Obama campaign, it’s little wonder that now that “The One” has been elected bad news is good news.

Exhibit A is the headline that accompanied a recent bombing in Iraq that killed scores of people. Since the US invasion of Iraq, the Obamamedia have used violence as a metric of how badly things were going.

But now that Bush is on the way out and Obama is on the way in:

Iraq bombings show progress, challenges
It's a measure of progress that today's blasts, which killed at least 31 people in Baghdad and more elsewhere, according to the Associated Press, represented the worst day of violence since June.

Yes, believe it or not, bomb blast show how wonderful that world is now that Obama has been elected.

This is lick spittle reporting at it's finest. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

If you thought that the media would try to reclaim the mantle of objectivity, you are fooling yourself. Obama has done no wrong in the past and will do no wrong in the future. I wrote about this in Governing From The Center.

As evidence, exhibit B:

Obama Won’t Meet Everybody’s Expectations
This is Newsweek’s’ preemptive strike in anticipation of Obama failures. The rock star who received the adulation of hundred of thousand of Europe’s youth will, according to Newsweek, not get the world to love us:

America's allies got the candidate they overwhelmingly preferred, but that doesn't necessarily mean America's relationships with the globe will warm instantly. In fact, history is strewn with rock-star presidents whose first years were terrific disappointments for U.S. allies.
But we were told that Obama was the One that the world was waiting for. What do other Presidents have to do with the global adulation he received even before he was elected? His mere presence electrified all of Europe. What could he possibly do to disappoint the world? Newsweek goes on to list a few items that Obama promised and suggest he won’t do as he promised. But these are all within the power of a President whose party controls both houses of Congress. So what is Newsweek trying to tell us?

And then there’s exhibit C. If you remember nothing of the Obama campaign, you remember that he promised 95% of the American people a tax cut. Now we get this APObama headline:

AP poll: Public seems willing to wait on tax cuts
Why in the world would the MSM poll this question? Here’s the story:

People want the tax cuts promised during the presidential campaign, but may be willing to wait while President-elect Obama takes on the larger issue of fixing the economy.

Eighty percent say trimming personal tax rates should be a goal when the new president takes office in January, but only 36 percent say the cuts should a very top priority, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. That was less than half the 84 percent who cited improving the economy as a No. 1 goal, and the 80 percent who said creating jobs should be a paramount task.

"I don't think it's going to work in this instance," said Ryan Anderson, 31, a Democrat from Bloomington, Minn., who thinks tax reductions would have little impact on most families' budgets. "That's kind of like shooting a BB gun at a freight train."

Obama promised to cut taxes for working families during the campaign.

Obama didn't simply promise to cut taxes, he pounded, pounded, pounded the theme that 95% of the American people would get a tax cut.

The theme is obvious, someone has leaked to the AP that the primary economic promise of the Obama campaign – that 95% of the American people will see their taxes cut – is not going to happen. And the AP dutifully commissions a poll that tells us that that’s all right; “the people” really didn’t want a tax cut.

So the ObamaMedia are preparing the American people for the future. In the future there are two rules. The first rule is that whatever Obama does is right. The second rule is that if he screws up, lies, or fails to deliver refer to rule one.

And you thought Fox News was staffed by conservatives? Check out Shep Smith.

Thanks, Glenn.


Deoduce said...


Anonymous said...

Spot on my man. This has become a religious disorder by now. The complete antithesis of the Bush Derangement Syndrome. Brought to you by the same folks who brought the B.D.S.

Rocker 419 said...

The people who elected Obama President don't care. They made history! At this point we can only pray this one termer doesn't do too much damage before he leaves office. Silver lining? 8 years of guaranteed conservatism in the White House! Go Obama!

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be stupid to be politically retarded. In fact, you can be a professor of english, and be politically retarded.
There are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of political retards out there. Anyone who believes that Obama would be able to give 95% of Americans a tax break while increasing federal spending is a political retard. Anyone who believes that a president can change the way the US is viewed worldwide simply by being, is a political retard. Anyone who thinks that the MSM is going to be neutral about Obama's presidency, and do their job of reporting facts without spin, is a political retard. Anyone who doesn't understand that Obama's reelection campaign started on Nov 5th, is a political retard.
I think that just about defines the entire Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

Wait till they figure out how every Obama failure is a success - remember there's no wifi in the re-education camps.

Patrick said...

By the way, now that Chimpy Bushitler McHalliburton's smirky rodeo ride through history (Copyright 2000 - 2009, Legacy Media, Inc.) is at an end, there will now be no more homeless people.

I mean, until the next Republican administration, that is.

Anonymous said...

Who are all the rock star Presidents with which history is strewn?

K T Cat said...

Re: People are willing to wait while Obama fixes the economy.

I can't wait until a totally inexperienced, left-wing, academic, bombastic neophyte fixes the economy! I wonder, what will it look like when he's done?

I think we should all take off work and sit quietly in our homes until he's got it fixed. We wouldn't want to get in his way as he goes around fixing things, you know.

Anonymous said...

And doesn't last week's MSM coverage remind you of Tim Donaghy? A few contra-calls thrown in after the game was decided to even up the stats.

Anonymous said...

"Under my plan, 95% of the American people will see their taxes cut. Read my lips!"

Anonymous said...

We already have two rock-solid measures of where things are headed in the United States of America: stocks and bonds are plummeting in value--the smart money is going elsewhere--and the sale of guns and ammo is surging--meaning that those who can't leave are hunkering down. Only a Democrat willn fail to see the connection between those two indicators and the outcome of 4 November.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. The MSM still doesn't realize it's now on an rapidly descending glide path toward the worst possible fate imaginable....

It will be ignored.

Anonymous said...

Obama Won’t Meet Everybody’s Expectations

Well, they said the same thing about Bush! They just substituted "Anybody's" for "Everybody's", and then buckled down for 8 years of hard work to make that prediction come true.

Anonymous said...

"I can't wait until a totally inexperienced, left-wing, academic, bombastic neophyte fixes the economy! I wonder, what will it look like when he's done?"

Down South, when one decides to have a pet castrated, he gets the pet "fixed." I think that should give you an idea of what his "fixed" economy will look like.

Anonymous said...

K T Cat: perhaps it is time to "Go John Galt"?

ZZMike said...

"there will now be no more homeless people."

Of course there are no more homeless people. They've all been given addresses - so they could vote.

Anonymous said...

Other Rock Star Presidents:

Millard 'Live at the' Fillmore
Herbie Hancock Hoover
Chester 'Kiss the DEvil' Arthur
That one that looked like Wilford Brimley

Brian said...

My favorite one (besides the poll on Americans willing to wait for tax cuts you mentioned above) is the article I saw that explained away the tanking of the stock market right after Obama' s election by saying that investors were "cashing out their profits" in the wake of Obama's historic victory.

At least come January the economy will be in the best shape in history, Iraq will finally be won, and the soup kitchens will be closing up shop due to the lack of people coming in.

Anonymous said...

If Obama does not fulfill his promise to give tax cuts to 95 per cent of Americans in the next four years, he can always use the same promise in his reelection campaign. Saves him having to think up a new campaign promise.

Anonymous said...

I think you are a bunch of republican fools that don't understand anything about politics except for the money value of things. Fuck the tax cuts - a government needs the taxes from his people. And all the wars you bloody Americans are in - you started. *cough cough* Iraq. Haha. Dug yourself a grave, ey? And then a seemingly uncorrupted black man comes and you place your bets that he is going to open up the country for terrorists and destroy the economy further. What? Would you rather Palin? Charged for currpution and anti-anything not Christian? Or are you Chirstian? Wouldn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way - be as hateful as you want, but the democrats rule the states. The republicans lost. Now your country is Liberal. Ha Ha Ha.

veni vidi vici said...

As for the tax cut to 95% of Americans, if the Republicans were clever, they'd introduce this as legislation as their first act in response to his initial hemming and hawing post-inauguration, when he tries to break it to the American people that they can't have their tax cut. Actually, perhaps they should do it on January 22, to preempt him and force him to explain why he's not going to fulfill his promise when they've set it up for him like that.

But methinks they're not smart enough to pull it off and then credibly fight the PR war that follows its introduction.

Anonymous said...

It appears you have taken a position and will defend it to the last. There are two sides to every argument, every depends on perspective and many other factors. Just because you make a statement does not mean that statement is either productive or true. Perhaps you should ask: Is what I am doing here really meaningful or just more of the same divisive BS that many others in the conservative media are doing?