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Sunday, November 02, 2008

That's Not The Aunt Zeituni Obama Knew

Do you ever find yourself reading something that does not compute, but it slips past your nonsense filters?

Here's Tom Maguire at "Just one Minute" asking a very pertinent question. The answer may be intriguing?

Because he barely knew her.

I am intrigued by this:

Federal Election Commission records list a Zeituni Onyango in South Boston as making a series of contributions, totaling $265, to the Obama campaign, with the most recent contribution, $5, made on Sept. 19.

To what data base do they refer? The public online records provided by the FEC only report donations of $200 or more. Open Secrets does not show any donations from "Onyango" either.

Very interesting stuff from Glenn on the fund raising practices of the Obama campaign. Their "catch me if you can" philosophy seems to be that donations are legal unless someone can prove otherwise.

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