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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It’s All Up To Them Now

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The country has just won a war in Iraq. That’s the good news.

But the global economy is a mess. The US auto industry is having the worst sales since 1945 and could well go bankrupt. Banks are failing right and left. People have seen their retirement funds drop by half. Hundreds of thousand find themselves out of work, and that number will rise as the first real recession in decades grips the country. Russia is rising again and challenging the US. Iran is building a nuclear bomb, threatening to wipe Israel off the map, and I have just scratched the surface of the problems facing the leadership of this country.

And we have just elected a rookie Senator whose executive experience consists of pissing away over $100 million dollars to improve Chicago’s schools with no measurable effect … oh, and running a successful campaign for the Presidency. Our next leaders will be Obama, Pelosi and Reed.

My only hope is that they will not be as inept and wrongheaded as they have been in the past. Because they are in control and are totally responsible for whatever decisions are made.

The left is celebrating the upcoming re-distribution of wealth. Many members of the Right are trying to be gracious in congratulations. I will not do that because my image of the country over the next few years is the city of Detroit, writ large. We may just have elected a slimmer, more polished version of Kwame Kilpatrick. Do we deserve that?

Me, I have spent some time in prayer. This has not been a particularly virtuous country in the last half-century as measured by traditional values of respect for life, sexual morality and reverence for God. Perhaps it is time for us to wander in the wilderness. I hope it does not last for 40 years.

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