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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Governing from the center.

The media has pulled Obama across the finish line. The focus on McCain was vastly negative and the MSM nuked Sarah Palin. It ignored the gaff-prone Joe “I’m much smarter than you are” Biden altogether. John McCain never gave anyone a reason to vote for him. The MSM made the case that voting against Obama would make the Baby Jesus cry. It’s a wonder the margin of victory was as small as it was.

So here we are and the pundits right and left, having acknowledge that the MSM was in the tank for Obama have predicted that they are now going to get tough – to repair their tattered reputation and show how ethical they are.

Please! How gullible are these people? How gullible do they think we are? Do they actually believe this?
They believed in Obama enough to bury his racist, America-damning pastor, the bombers he hung with, and the crooks he dealt with, even ignoring the hundreds of millions of dollars he raised in untraceable contributions. Now they are going to turn on him? No way! Now they have to validate their decision.

At least Chris Matthews is honest about it. He sees his job as making the Obama presidency work. That will be the goal for the rest of the MSM even if they will not state it as baldly.

And validate they will. The first thing we will be told is that he will “govern from the center.” “He has to” say the wise-men, because we are in an economic crisis. Are these people so clueless as to realize that economic crisis and wars are the seedbeds of radical changes in governing? Times like these are tailor-made for people who want to fundamentally re-structure society. Just in the 20th century we have Lenin, Hitler, Mao, even Roosevelt. History is littered with examples, both here and overseas.

The largest US banks were virtually nationalized during a REPUBLICAN administration, some – like Wells Fargo – against their will because they didn’t want to take the government’s money. Will a Democrat congress led by Pelosi and Reed and an Obama presidency balk at a take-over of the US auto industry? Especially when Ford and GM are virtually begging for a bailout and bankruptcy could lead to the loss of thousand of jobs and billions in loans?

Plans are being made to nationalize health care. Who wants to bet against another successful rear guard action if opposition can be termed not just brutal and cold hearted but also racist?

Transportation is ripe for a socialist government. The airlines are perennial basket cases. Why would an Obama administration not nationalize airlines and railroads if it could be sold as economically sound, and good for the environment? Why not a US Air that really is owned by the US? Maybe they can be made to fly on time. I see a vastly expanded US government rail system in our future. The selling points: construction jobs, technological innovations and the “green” benefits of getting people to travel by train. The railroads have planted the seeds by advertizing how much more efficient they are than truck transportation. It will not only be patriotic to pay taxes but also to travel by train.

The Obama education initiative will be another centerpiece. No more crazy quilt control over education by local school boards. Why not adopt the French system where every child in every school is taught the same thing from the same books at the same time? And local governments will go for a Federal takeover in a heartbeat when the only thing standing between them and draconian cuts in services is Uncle Sam’s money. Think of the equality, think of the efficiency, think of the opportunity to indoctrinate malleable minds in the good, the pure and the correct thoughts. Racism, sexism and superstition (e.g. belief in God) will be expunged in a generation.

And why not have one of the foremost experts in education in the country – William Ayers – as the new secretary of education? He’s may have done or said some things when Obama was only eight, but today he is a respected members of the Chicago community with a number of books on the subject of improving education. And if someone wants to quibble about his past, let’s remember that he was never convicted of anything, never killed anyone personally, and received the coveted “citizen of the year” award from Chicago city government.

Look at the way the appointment of Rahm Emanuel was greeted by the MSM, including many on the Right. He was labeled not as a vicious political infighter and hyper-partisan, but a respected insider with - what were termed - “sharp elbows.” Any chance that Emanuel will get the Rove treatment? Don’t hold your breath waiting for calls to have him frog-marched from the White House if it turns out that he advises Obama to fire all the US attorneys and replace them with Democrat loyalists as Clinton did.

There will be many opportunities for other members of the Obama administration to be termed “centrists.” Euphemisms will get a new workout. Robert F. Kennedy. Jr. is a genuine nutcase who was the guiding light behind the fake scare about the preservative in vaccines causing autism. He routinely demonizes people he disagrees with and appears to be a sexual harasser (a Kennedy family trait). His name has been floated as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Want to bet that he will be referred to as a “well respected environmental attorney” rather than someone who writes about conspiracies by auto companies to keep gas mileage low and claiming that hog farms are more of a threat to America than al-Qaeda terrorists?

The MSM will find the right word to label anyone Obama chooses to appoint a “centrist.” If he appoints Jeremiah Wright to a government post, you can be sure that his stint as a Marine will be hailed as proof of his “centrist” position.

The MSM has so much invested in the Obama presidency that nothing, literally nothing, will shake their determination to hallow his tenure in office. They are like Chang and Eng, the original Siamese twins. They are joined at the hip and when one dies, the other cannot survive.


Anonymous said...

When I hear everyone, Republicans and Democrats, saying that Obama will govern as a centrist I laugh. Why in the world would he, he would be lying to himself. The MSM is invested in making this guy look good, look at how he was hailed for calling Nancy Reagan and apologizing to her for his stupid remark about seances which is more true of Hillary Clinton than Nancy Reagan in the first place. Remember Eleanor. But we are told he had a warm conversation with her. Awe isn't that nice.
Sorry, I believe the real Obama is the guy giving the finger to John McCain while his mouth is speaking praise, just like he did to Hillary Clinton, he's the guy who doesn't mind making jokes at the expense of 90 year old ladies, just like he talked about his aged "typical white person" grandmother, who also happened to opened her home to him when he had no place to go. I believe the real Obama approves of ACORN's illegal tactics, and will try to shut down opposition as fast as he can.
We will see as the days go by. Its going to be an interesting time.

Anonymous said...

When I hear anyone, other than an Obama intimate like Mrs. Obama or Bill Ayers, say "Obama will govern as a" (fill in favorite political stands here)," I laugh.

The "I know how Obama will govern" stooges are to blame for electing an inkblot for president.