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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why Do They Hate Obama?

After 9/11, prominent members of the Left asked the question of why “they” hated us. They asked the question: what did we do to deserve the hate? And the answer, of course, was American crimes against humanity: our greed, capitalism, racism, exploitation of natural resources, pollution, support of Israel, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo. Oh, sorry about that. Those last two were in the future, not yet part of the grievances of the past.

Now, having turned our backs on the policies of the past with the election of Obama we have a leader who is determined to wipe the slate clean. Greed is replaced by spreading the wealth. We have obviously moved beyond racism with the election of Obama. The same Obama has committed himself to the end of drilling for oil and mining for coal and replacing them with wind and solar energy, and properly inflated tires. The end of pollution as we know it is guaranteed by the green policies of the new government. He has promised that the oceans will recede and global warming will cease. And Israel will learn what it is like to live with an American ally that finds the plight of Hamas compelling. Guantanamo will be closed and each of its inhabitants will be supplied with a lawyer and the right to bail.

Yet with all this in the offing, the practitioners of the Religion of Peace have done the unthinkable; they have committed the unpardonable sin in American culture: they have branded Obama with the “N” word.

Ram jetliners full of passengers into the World Trade center killing 3000. Kill 4000 of our soldiers and maim several times that many, and Liberalism will ask what we did to deserve this. But call The One the “N” word and it’s just possible that you have caused many on the Left to stop asking what He has done to be hated.

Is it the one thing that will make the nation’s gays riot in from of mosques? Didn’t think so.

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