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Friday, November 14, 2008

Kathleen Parker Gains Coveted Victim Status

Via IMAO we get linked to the martyred Kathleen Parker who has achieved the dream of everyone on the media: she's a victim.

Election Day has produced fresh fury from self-proclaimed “conservatives” promising never again to read me or fellow apostates who criticized the Republican ticket.

She excerpts some of the mail she's received and then tells us in aggrieved tones that she's only the messenger; the one who correctly diagnosed the problem:

Where to begin? As the circular firing squad commences and Republicans begin seeking answers to what went wrong — and who will lead them through the desert — here’s one for the suggestion box: Don’t shoot the messengers.

No, Kathy, may I call you Kathy? You're not a messenger, you are providing your opinion. And others disagree.

FrankJ comments:
Just for the record, I’m sure Charles Manson got hate mail. That doesn’t prove how right he was. All getting hate mail proves is that you’re able to make someone angry. On top of that, death threats only proves you made a crazy person angry, which is certainly not that hard. It doesn’t make you a martyr to make people angry; it more often than not just makes you a jerk.

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