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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Cool President gets a Cool Secret Service.

Before Cartagena, before it was revealed that every member of the advance team met up with hookers, what was your impression of the Secret Service?

Mine was that of men who were human shields.  Men whose job it was to take a bullet meant for the President.  Stony faced men who wore darks suits and ties and who had an earpiece in one ear with a spiral cord that went down their shirt collar.   What were they after work?  Somehow the idea of “after work” for a Secret Service agent was not part of the image, but if someone had asked me I would have come up with a young to middle-aged family man with a wife and 2.3 children who went to church, visited his parents farm in Iowa once a year and saluted the flag when it came by.   

That’s why the guys who picked up hookers in Cartagena did not fit the image.  The image that I had created was definitely not “cool.”  Not he “cool” of the hip Obama who smoked pot and snorted coke as a younger man.  The guy with the crease in his pants that was so impeccable that it became the stuff of legend. 

But Obama hangs with the cool kids, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Michelle and her finely toned arms, Tom Hanks and the rest of Hollywood royalty.  Inevitably, the stone faced men who are there with him day and night reflect his cool.  I’m sure they thought it was cool to get the best hookers in Cartagena for a little R&R while out on the town.  It’s what cool guys do.

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