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Saturday, April 28, 2012

"I killed Osama" Rerun

When you got nothing else, you run with what you got - in your mommy jeans with a bicycle helmet.

Stacy McCain quoting Andrew Malcolm:
... everyone knows that the successful killing was mainly the result of Obama’s brave decision, although the SEALs, the stealth helicopter pilots and the Air Force electronic cloaking crews probably helped a little.

Here's the beginning of Malcolm's column:  
Because the Obama administration is not interested in taking yet another victory lap over the SEALs killing Osama bin Laden almost a year ago, the president's counter-terrorism adviser, John Brennan, will get up early to be on several Sunday morning shows to recount how dramatic the incident was for those folks watching it unfold from the safety of the White House basement.

1 comment:

thisishabitforming said...

I heard Obama was the Anointed One, and now I know its true because he can be in two places at once. I thought he was in Washington watching TV when Osama was taken down. I saw the picture with my own eyes, yet he keeps taking credit so he must have been on scene. He must have been the lead guy who choppered into that compound, went up those stairs and took Bin Laden out. That takes guts. He is amazing. He is the Anointed One. Signed, True Believer