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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What happens when a news anchor holds Obama accountable for his performance?

Via Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

How do Liberals react? Not well. Morrissey provides a few twitter tweets:
@donlemoncnn If you think the Right will make you their Pet Gay, they won’t. Obama is standing up 4 U & don’t forget who you are.— Kees Valderol (@keesvalderol) April 24, 2012

@theosmelek @Lezlie61 @DonLemonCNN He’s a black gay man and a RW tool for a buck. His boyfriend is a CNN higher up too.— Annie Lawton (@CurlynDoris) April 23, 2012

@donlemoncnn Little Gay kids are committing suicide because of the Right Wing. You could make an impact. You’re a wimp.— Fritz Alverez (@FritzAlverez) April 24, 2012

@donlemoncnn I don’t care how good your new nose jobs is, you should dance with the ones who brought you.— Kees Valderol (@keesvalderol) April 24, 2012
Is he black, or gay; should you care? Only if you're a Liberal.

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