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Friday, April 06, 2012

Black Democrat DC Councilman Marion Barry: 'We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in'

“We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops,” Barry said in remarks on Tuesday night first reported by WRC-TV. “They ought to go. I’m going to say that right now. But we need African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.”
He is not trying to insult Asians, he just observed that they were dirty and their shops should be replaced by shops run by people that looked just like him.

He also explained that Asians opening shops in his Ward were not providing a service but exploiting his people.
"I'm not going to allow a group of people to exploit people in Ward 8," Barry said.

If any Asian businesses continued to operate in Ward 8, he wants them to “come right.” The meaning of the term “come right” was not immediately clear but it is assumed that it has something to do with doing right by Marion Barry’s peeps.

After all these clarifications, Black Democrat DC City Council member Marion Barry, placed the blame for the concern expressed by the Asian shopkeepers on the news media.
"The media ought to apologize," Barry said. "I want an apology from you."
In view of the News Media’s despicable actions in the Trayvon Martin case I’m shocked that this ever hit the newswires. Or that the picture of Black Democrat DC City Council member Marion Barry is not a glamour shot from 30 years ago.

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