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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Obama Solves the Illegal Immigrant Problem

Despite himself, Barack Obama is well on the way to solving the illegal flow of immigrants from Mexico. The American economy is so bad that Mexicans here illegally are hoofing it back to Mexico where economic growth is higher.
According to the Pew Hispanic Center the economy, among other things like tougher border patrol, has virtually stopped Mexican immigration to America.

It’s also caused over a million people to move back to Mexico in the last three years.

Moises Bantona immigrated from Peru so his son could be treated for Leukemia at St. Jude.

He has several friends moving back to Mexico, “The reason is the economic situation. It’s very important. If you don’t have enough money for living, for food and rent, you need to go back. That’s it.”

As Ann Coulter said:
...instead of using E-Verify to stop illegal aliens from taking American jobs, he did it by destroying the entire job market. Hmmmm, drug-war ravaged Ciudad Juarez, or Obama's America ... I'll take Juarez! Under the booming economy President Romney is going to produce, we're going to need a really high fence.

If we can only get the Obama administration to end “Fast & Furious,” running guns to Mexican drug cartels, the Mexican government may even be able to get violent crime under control.   At that point, Mexico will have both a better economy and a better government.

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