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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Elizabeth Warren and the ethnicity problem

Belmonth Club
One person having difficulty getting a fit is Elizabeth Warren, a 2012 Democratic Senatorial candidate, who reacted to the reports that she billed herself as an ethnic minority in the 1990 by saying she had no idea she was presented as Native American until she read in the Herald that she had been touted by Harvard Law School as proof of their faculty’s diversity in the 1990s.
Elizabeth Warren, "Native American"

The Left has claimed that race was not real, but a "construct." So we have
...the most infamous White Man in America: George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is descended from a mixed parentage which includes South American Indian and African. No matter, he’s White — a “White Latino” in fact.
George Zimmerman, "White Hispanic"

Having blond hair, blue eyes and white skin doesn't mean you're not black.

Recently, Australian commentator Andrew Bolt was sued by Aborigines who claimed that simply because they had blond hair, blue and white skin didn’t mean they weren’t black. Only bigots would think that. The court agreed with them and ordered the newspaper to print the following notice on the site of the offending suggestion: that it was unlawful to suggest that “fair skin colour indicates a person … is not sufficiently Aboriginal to be genuinely identifying as an Aboriginal person.”
Australian Aborigine

Asians have become the new white:
A new study on physicians in California shows a glaring gap between the number of doctors of color compared with the state’s ethnically diverse population, especially among African Americans and Latinos. At the same time, the state has a disproportionate number of Asian and white doctors, according to the UCSF study, which focuses on doctor ethnicity and language fluency.
For the Left, “white” is the new catchall for anyone they don’t like, who doesn’t play along with their race games, or who, like George Zimmerman can be made the Judas Goat for the sins, real or imagined of “white people” (whoever “they” are).

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Anonymous said...

anyone noticed that evolution has stopped and modern societys are still quoting out dated 17th century thinking, it will have a long reaching effect that will leave us all one step behind, humans must continue to learn or become the un educated section of humans, the asians wont wait for western idealologys and take the world over, best to use modern research instead of clinging to out dated (very old) science to prove your own agenda, humans didnt get this far with short sighted thinking, humans must think generations ahead, if not for realistic advancment do it for your children, cant take the wealth with you when you die