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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If You Don’t Look Like Obama’s Son, No One Cares

I posted a comment about this yesterday.

John Hinderaker
Well, it won’t bother them; we know that. It certainly won’t bother Barack Obama. Matthew Owens doesn’t look like his son, and there are no votes to be had. For Obama, if it doesn’t help his re-election campaign, it doesn’t exist. Whether he likes it or not, however, I think incidents like this one, which have multiplied all across America, will hurt Obama in the fall. Millions of Americans voted for Obama in part because they thought his election would put racial division to rest, or at least contribute to that goal. But the opposite has happened. Obama has been an extraordinarily divisive president; neither he nor others in his administration, like Eric Holder, have ever hesitated to foment race hatred when they thought it would serve the Democrats’ political interests. As it turned out, Obama’s election represented a setback for race relations in the United States, an outcome that virtually no one foresaw. This is just one way–but perhaps an important one–in which voters are disillusioned with Obama.
Let me disagree with John on one point. There is one person, with a very high profile, who has been dubbed by the Democrats as “the titular head of the Republican party” who foresaw worse race relations after Obama’s election: Rush Limbaugh.

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