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Sunday, April 29, 2012

As Race Hustlers like Sharpton threaten more riots, 22 murders in LA unsolved.

Twenty years ago, Los Angeles erupted in riots after four cops were acquitted in the videotaped beating of Rodney King, but during an uprising supposedly in the name of justice, some people got away with murder. But the human toll is the most disturbing legacy of the riots.

Some 53 people were killed in what police have classified as riot-related homicides and accidents. Of those, some 22 homicides remain classified as open and unsolved. The dead for whom justice remains elusive include a 15-year-old boy shot as he stood on a corner, a Good Samaritan who tried to douse flames set by a crowd of angry looters, a hard-working immigrant who insisted on making grocery deliveries even as his neighborhood burned, a suburban man shot when he came to check on his store and John Doe No. 80, whose identity may never be known.

Big Race™ incites the mob then scurries away, like the cowards they are, letting the dupes they incite get it in the neck while they get rich.

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