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Sunday, April 29, 2012

If you wonder where all the people who hate America congregate on Sunday morning, it's not just at Reverend Wright's church. They sit at home writing letters to the Washington Post.

Check out the comments on this David Ignatius column in the Washington Post.

Mark Donner is not untypical: 
Osama was a preacher, there's thousands of them.. unimportant personality so quit harping on him..America knows it can't destroy ideas and any offer of American ideas to replace them will be rejected because any American idea is simply a destructive disease. America is not 21st century, it's a destructive thing with no culture. America has zero "democracy" and American style "capitalism" slavery is trying to destroy the world and all life for materialistic greed and you want to enforce on that on others? The only way to do that is kill and enslave everybody who objects, which just happens to be the core of American "philosophy" and all that America has been offering

And Aaron Weiner:
This is a remarkably racist column.

"His movement is largely destroyed, but his passion for a purer and more Islamic government in the Arab world is partly succeeding." So, let's see...we must now equate all Islamists with Osama Bin Laden?

"13 seats in the new Egyptian Parliament": of 334. I have news for you: the nation just suffered a massive coup d'etat, and - surprise - there are Muslims looking to vote for Muslims there. That doesn't mean they're in power, just somewhat empowered. Should they get 170 seats, we should then be very worried.

Talking about dictatorial states like Syria and Yemen are hardly indicative of the Arab world as a whole.

This column is flat-out racist. Yet another reason why I'm not entirely sure they're wrong to hate us.
And Jumper1: 
And winning in America, too: Cultural subjugation of women. Sure, a long way to go, but the direction is reversed and so-called "women's rights" going backward.

Bankrupting the U.S. - with the help of his allies at Goldman Sachs, BOFA, etc., corruption in military contracts, it's happening

Populace trained to yearn for time of imaginary utopias based on fundamentalist religion: on the rise! Guns, guns, guns! Populace trained to yearn for savage old-style justice system, like good People of the Book should!

American Taliban on the rise! Millionaires foot the bills, just like bin Laden did!

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