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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Obama loses his footing

Drudge Headlines

Dem Sen unsure if he will vote for Obama...
FM Corzine still bundling cash for prez?
Scandals sidetrack campaign...
HARNDEN: 'Already in deep trouble'...
Booed in Boston...
Zuckerman: Economic Programs Have Failed...

And Mediaite scribe and huge Obama supporter sees blacks as lazy.   Tarantro in the WSJ “Best of the web”

OK, so when Tommy Christopher and his friends hear "isn't working," they immediately associate the phrase with--in Christopher's words--"the 'lazy,' 'shiftless' black man." That's quite a confession, but you can hardly blame Romney for Christopher's invidious associations.
I suspect that Team Obama is so used to getting a pass from the media that they are unaware that during last three years the power of the MSM has waned and the power of “social media” has waxed ... at light speed.

It happens when you move from outside to inside the cocoon. There really is a bubble that surrounds the Presidency; the secret service, the White House itself, Air Force One, the limos and motorcades, the staff, the pre-planned adoring crowds, the fawning White House Press Corps. They all either like you or want to be liked. There is nobody willing to tell you that your ideas are foolish, that thanks to government regulations and permits there really are no shovel ready jobs. At most, they nudge you a bit, saying: “your ideas are great but here’s how they can be even greater.”  

Obama has one other disadvantage: unlike Bush, there is no MSM telling him that he's wrong because they are all on his side.

And if you're Obama would you listen to them anyway? After all, you are the President! YOU have reached the top, not them. Your ideas, your charisma, your energy, your hard work, your intelligence, your vision; you’re right or you wouldn’t be where you are!

Combine that with an ego bigger than all outdoors, a chip on his shoulder that makes him walk crooked and you have an Obama that’s losing his footing and can’t figure out why.

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