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Thursday, April 12, 2012

In Praise of Chumps

Richard Fernandez points out that Communist dictatorships have an eerie resemblance to heredity kingdoms where the rulers live life of splendor, where their children or inherit the throne and their relatives “make the current European royalty look like a bunch of low-rent grifters.”

How can Liberals in the West delude themselves into believing that these regimes promote equality?
... intellectuals like Cornell West, Van Jones and Bill Ayers can go around and seriously sell socialism and Marxism in the name of “equality” and “egalitarianism”. You know, because they are one with the Common Man. Their superior educations must provide a true insight into the nature of Marxist societies because to uninitiated the whole thing looks like a scam to trick people into waging “revolution”, in which a few odd million will be horribly killed, to create a worker’s paradise and Green society. Except all the resulting outcomes we actually examine reveal only societies ruled by an aristocracy no different from, nay more lavish than the Court of the Sun King’s at Versailles. Versailles didn’t even have indoor plumbing.
If they are not lying, hoping to lead the next American Revolution and end up on top, they are simply chumps.

Read the whole thing.

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