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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Is There Anything That Obama Can't Do?

Linking to a post by Instapundit, Kate at Small Dead Animals asks:  
For all his promises, Obama’s green plans have utterly failed. The question is: Why isn’t anyone talking about this?”
And answers:
Well, we are. And the track record suggests that politicians ignore blog chatter at their peril.
Very true. At one time, not so very long ago, politicians could ignore stories that were not widely covered by the NT Times or the alphabet networks. No longer, because these media dinosaurs are now being pushed to cover those things that they would gladly have hidden from the public before most people started getting the news from websites.

Within a few days George Zimmerman morphed from a “white Hispanic” who hunted down a small, angelic black boy who liked candy, called him a racial slur and executed him for walking while black … into a guy who was bloodied and banged up after being punched by Trayvon Martin and shot to defend himself as his head was being pounded into the pavement.

Would this transformation have taken place without the Internet? Not a chance. “The Narrative” was too good. The media had another “Bonfire of the Vanities” and were not about to let go if not for the truth being told by bloggers.

The Bigfoot of them all, the NY Times reacts with CYA Pieces on the news pages and letting its columnists carry on the narrative, pandering to the racists on the Left. But the narrative has such hold on the mass media that even Fox News gives Trayvon Martin a new first name: “unarmed” as in Unarmed Trayvon Martin. Every time.

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