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Monday, June 08, 2015


(See Christians won't kill anyone for that...just sayin'...)

Anyway, what I would like to tell you all is you're all a bunch of exquisitely fragile, over-cautious weenies and she has more stones than the whole lot of you. 

Oh look, a spirited defense (SNORE) of free speech with added "I don't like Pamela Geller BUT" from "Ace of Spades"who remains anonymous!

How brave!

A ballsy Jewish broad from New York is taking on the blasphemy and free speech project all by herself, facing down evil, defending free speech on behalf of the gutless, on behalf of the semi-gutless and on behalf of the people who don't have a clue what this is really about, and on behalf of the people whose speech she disagrees with (which is the whole point).

Well we can't have that now, can we?

We must slap her down a little while we "defend" our rights.

A pox on all their eunuch houses.

Damn right!

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