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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hillary, the shameless shrew

I was going to compare Hillary to Donald Trump.  But that's unfair to The Donald.

Trump is someone who doesn't care; says what he thinks ... unfiltered.

Hillary is a shameless liar.
Hillary’s defining characteristic is shamelessness, her willingness to cross lines that liberals with more of a conscience won’t. [blaming the murders in Charleston on Republicans] So here she is using Trump’s remarks this week about Mexicans as a pretext to attack her old enemies in “talk radio” as well as the entire GOP field, of whom Trump is merely “emblematic” even though every Republican running this year supports granting illegal immigrants legal status if not citizenship. This is nothing more than her way of begging Latinos for their support knowing that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio could complicate the Democratic stranglehold on that demographic. With Hillary, even accusing your opponents of being de facto accomplices to murder is something that can only be motivated by self-interest.

What Republicans should do is fasten on this statement and demand an apology.  Loudly.  They should see that she's using a metaphorical club, take it from her and beat her about the head and shoulder with it.  Repeatedly. It has to be made an issue time and time again because the media will try to form a phalanx to protect her.  Her statement is indefensible.  But if allowed to lay there, unchallenged, if forms a narrative designed to smear Republicans and their Conservative supporters.  This should be a teachable moment.  If Republicans let it go, they are giving her license to do it again, harder.  She has given them a weapon and they refuse to take it up at their peril. 

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