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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rachel Dolezal Is Just Another Person Driven Insane By Liberalism

Matt Walsh on Liberalism. Some excerpts. (read the whole thing)
Liberalism is a force of hopeless insanity.

It’s important to understand this upfront. Progressives have been waging a brutal, endless war against Truth, and this is where it leads. To Bruce Jenner. To Rachel Dolezal. To much worse things than these, like the destruction of unborn life and the annihilation of marriage and the family. This is liberalism. Why are you shocked by any absurdity or atrocity it creates when this same force has been eating our culture alive for decades?

Did you just now notice? ...

Liberals insist that biology, genetics, anatomy, and chemistry have nothing to do with gender, and that an individual can choose to defy all of these factors if their feelings run contrary to their physical reality. Therefore, why can’t a person identify as another race if that’s how they feel? Indeed, race is already a murky subject, and every person on Earth is some combination of various ethnicities. My whiteness is far less hardwired and far more difficult to define than my maleness, so if the latter is negotiable, certainly the former must be as well...

The term “transracial” started as a satire among conservatives, but has been unironically adopted by liberals. Now conservatives are left staring from the sidelines flabbergasted, saying, “Uh, guys? We were joking…” But it’s too late. Liberals, as they have demonstrated time and again, will not back away from the slippery slope. They’ll grab a sled and slide right down that thing. If you point out how one liberal proposition leads to an even more absurd proposition, they’ll happily defend the more absurd one. Maybe not right away — they have to act like it was their idea first– but eventually, that particular bit of morbid idiocy will be a matter of liberal dogma.

Rachel Dolezal is a pathological liar, so as more of her deceptions come to light, progressives will have no choice but to disown her. But she did “start a conversation” about transracialism — even “changing the way we think about race”, according to NPR — and I am confident that, sooner rather than later, the transracials will be standing alongside the transgenders and the trasableds and the transspecieds and the transdimensionals and the transrobots, all enjoying the status of protected and prized minority communities.

If you doubt such an eventuality, if you think liberalism will turn back once it sees the depths of its own dementia, you clearly do not understand what you’re dealing with.

Modern liberalism, so called, is nothing more and nothing less than the categorical rejection of truth. It is not scared or slowed or dissuaded by any form of untruth, because it is inherently, down to its very essence, in every fiber of its hideous being, a lie. It is an enemy of truth and an ally of anything that undermines it. I recently made the argument that the liberal transgender superstition completed the final step into total, full blown anti-truth lunacy. Once they have perverted the very definition of being, there is nowhere else to go. This is it. Whatever faint glimmer of reality still shone from its dying core has now been extinguished. That was my theory, and it took less than two weeks to be proven correct.

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