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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

NPR Code Switch

It appears that NPR, has a "Code Switch Team." That's the first I heard of that appellation - which shows how far out of the Liberal loop I am.

But since NPR must stay on the cutting edge of Liberalism, of trans-this and cis-that, it appears to have formed a team of media personalities who work on stories about men who are really women, white people who are really black, middle aged sales clerks who are really Napoleon and humans who are really unicorns. In a place called Realville, these people would be immediately labelled as mentally disturbed. In Liberalville, where NPR lives, they are "Switchers" who are examined by Code Switch Team members to start conversations about why crazy is really not and if you say you're Napoleon, you're Napoleon.

Doing a little search on Google, I found that NPR's Code Switch has a blog from which you can be banned from commenting is you are not in tune with Mr. Demby who heads the team.  

INSKEEP: Though Dolezal did not settle on a single reason why she identified as black, the case does create an opportunity to examine how many of us think about race. We're going to talk about this with Gene Demby of NPR's Code Switch team. He's in our studios. Hi, Gene....

DEMBY: Yeah. And, you know, the details of the story are sort of weird, and there's a man-bites-dog thing happening here, and, you know, her biological parents say that she's been deceiving the public and the NAACP by posing as a black woman. Her adopted brothers say that she asked them some years ago not to blow her cover. Even when she was at Howard University, a historically black college, she unsuccessfully sued the university for discriminating against her because she's white. So, you know, there's questions about, you know, her background, but, you know, this story sort of raises larger questions about the way we think about race and the way we think of identity.

Inskeep and Demby regret that Dolezal, who lied about any number of things, is not a better candidate for Rosa Parks type victim-sainthood, but she, and Bruce "call me Caitlyn" Jenner will have to do.

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