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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

CNN's Ashley Banfield: bring down the Jefferson Memorial?

CNN's Don Lemon on Tuesday hinted that there will come a day when the United States will have to "rethink" tributes such as the Jefferson Memorial. After a contentious segment with Ben Jones, in which the former Congressman defended the Confederate flag, Legal View host Ashley Banfield brought up the author of the Declaration of Independence.

She reminded, "There is a monument of him in the capital city of the United States. No one ever asked for that to come down." At first, Lemon asserted that the comparison was not "equal" and that Jefferson "was a part of the entire United States." He then added, "There may come a day when we may want to rethink Jefferson, I don't if we should do that. But when we get to that point, I'll be happy to partake in that particular discussion."

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Time to remove Jefferson memorial too? 

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Unknown said...

You know, it helps sometimes to put things on a scale to see how and what tends to weigh and balance each other out. Let's take Thomas Jefferson and place him on one side of the scale, now let's take Don Lemon and place him on the other side. On one side Mr. Jefferson; Founding Father of U.S. author of the Declaration of Independence, Statue of Virginia for Religious Freedom (origins of Freedom of Religion) Vice President of U.S., 3rd President of the U.S. Responsible for the Louisiana Purchase, increasing the U.S. land mass by 2/3. Founder of Virginia University served the U.S. for five decades in roles of public official, historian, philosopher, architect, and yes, a plantation owner. The business which is the origins of this countries financial footing that established America as a viable nation. On the other side you have hack, ass clown, dumber than hammered Dog SH#%, calls for the removal of Thomas Jefferson from U.S. History, Mr. Don Lemon. Give me a little bit now, to evaluate the value of the two men to our country and the world. Tough one here, I tell you what.