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Sunday, June 21, 2015

That American Gun Culture

Here's one person's view:

I’d like to think that we don’t have a racial problem, but that we have a cultural problem within part of “Black America” that can be corrected with hard work and determination. This is a complicated and sensitive subject, requiring more introspection, reflection, and constructive criticism than it seems our so-called “leaders” are willing enough to address.

It’s far easier to build and destroy a string of strawmen, running from one outlier scapegoat to the next, than it is to confront the hard data that suggests that “Black America” has a significant subculture with a severe violence problem.

Blaming guns as they term it, “gun violence,” is simply another scapegoat.

Guns aren’t killing black Americans. The Second Amendment isn’t killing black Americans.

A violence-crazed thug culture of retribution and reprisal is killing black Americans.

Let’s deal with that reality, Mr. President.

If you dare.

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