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Sunday, June 14, 2015

I am a trans-species individual.

In the comments to the interview with Jake Tapper (CNN), this brave new truth is revealed.

For years I have been keeping a personal secret that I now finally feel brave enough to reveal: I am a trans-species individual.

Since birth I have been categorized (by others) as a Capuchin Monkey. Species-expectations have shaped my behavior to act as a monkey, verbalize as a monkey, and in most cases; relieve myself as a monkey.

Inside however, I have always been a middle aged white man. Not just that, but a successful, socially conservative, educated homeowner and father.

My struggle cannot be overstated. Throughout my short life I scampered about a cage belonging to Justin Bieber, entertaining friends who would occasionally blow cannabis smoke into my little mouth and laugh as I behaved erratically. As I am in reality a computer programmer, I found these micro-aggressions to be unnerving and demeaning. Finally I escaped this situation at a German airport. It was in the news - perhaps you read about it.

The cultural oppressions of cis-species discrimination is real but getting increasing coverage in the media. Sure, I had examples to inspire me such as Mr. Ed, Babe the pig, and a pletora of cat videos on the internet recently.

I am supportive of Bruce Jenner in his brave transformation; so much so that I am now working to establish a program at the local university in Trans-Species studies. Please help liberate the white man inside me and celebrate my bravery.

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