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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Press Loves Hillary (especially the press with lady parts)

Hillary is so good at press relations that she' now in a virtual tie with Bernie Sanders, socialist, in the run for the Democrat nomination.

Making an appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show last night, Andrea Mitchell talked up Hillary, claiming she’s “so good and adept” at handling the press. To be fair, Mitchell made room for exceptions. She added that Clinton had struggled to respond to questions “about the emails and at some points during her book tour.”

Still, the Andrea Mitchell Reports host said that in Hillary’s 20 minutes (gasp!) with the press, she’d “clearly thought these answers through.” Mitchell also glowingly reported that the former Secretary of State laughed off her question about Mitt Romney’s criticism of Hillary’s wealth.

Earlier in the segment, Mitchell talked about how Hillary – in contrast to 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush – is largely embracing her husband’s legacy and the legacy of Barack Obama. She observed that Hillary is “not running away from his [Bill Clinton’s] legacy, from his value system.” Yes, apparently Bill Clinton’s value system is now something to be embraced. Mitchell added that Hillary “has no apologies…for what they represent” as she moves forward with the campaign.

Within the last month Jeremy Peters of the New York Times made the case on Morning Joe that Hillary was “really good” at answering questions from the press. Just a few weeks earlier – on Andrea Mitchell Reports, as a matter of fact – USA Today’s Susan Page argued that it was a “mystery” as to why Hillary was avoiding questions, given her opinion that the former New York senator was quite talented at handling the press.

This phony narrative on Hillary doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon for the liberal press.

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