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Thursday, June 18, 2015

What is truth?

Pontius Pilate famously asked the question: 'what is truth?"

In today's Liberal culture the concept of "truth" is so fluid that people actually say "my truth" as if truth were a personal possession with no objective references to reality.

Truth is determined in relation to reality. If a fact is objectively true, if it can be verified according to evidence, or tested in a laboratory, or otherwise shown to be actually (rather than merely claimed to be) the case, then it's true. It's no good saying that something is 'true for me' if it's not actually true at all. That means you're living a lie. Period. An excellent example is the current fuss over Rachel Dolezal's claim that she 'identifies as black'. I don't care what she identifies herself as being - I want to know what she is in reality. The fact of the matter is, she isn't black - so no matter how many wishful thoughts she may have, and no matter what deception she foists upon others (including the NAACP), the reality is that her life has been built upon and around a lie.

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