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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nine Killed in Charleston Church

A gunman entered the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC on Wednesday at approximately 9:00 PM and killed nine people who were gathered there for a prayer service.  Police reported that one other person was wounded.

The killer was described by the police as
a clean-shaven white male in his early 20s with sandy blond hair and a slight build wearing a gray sweatshirt, blue jeans and Timberland boots.

As of this time the killer is still on the loose. No motive for the crime has been established.

Editorial comment.  What I have done here is try to write a factual report of a crime.  If you go to the story in the Washington Post you will find a very much longer story which embellishes what happened, makes assumptions about why it happened and record the reactions of people after it happened.  It gives "color" to an event without providing any added useful information.  But it does invite people to jump to conclusions based on their individual prejudices.

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