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Monday, July 18, 2016


Oh, THAT biased media

Describing the man who killed five police officers in Dallas, guess the characteristic that the Associated Press thinks is most important. 

On July 7, an Army veteran opened fire on law enforcement in Dallas, killing five and wounding seven other officers.

That’s right, he was an Army vet. 

Was there anything else about his this killer that would tell us more about him and why he went around shooting police?

Why yes:

The shooter, who was black, said he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.

Before you think that this makes the killer's motive clear, Obama tells us that it's too early to tell; don't jump to conclusions. 

Meanwhile President Obama tells us that we are not as divided as all that.  To prove it he ….
…held an extraordinary four-hour meeting at the White House's executive offices with police officers, community activists and elected leaders.

And who were these community activists?  It was the BLM hate mongers who are closest to what Obama believes about America. 

He emerged from the session saying "we're not even close" to the point where minority communities could feel confident that police departments were serving them with respect and equality…
Police officers brought it on themselves? Well, yes.  Police should just suck it up and "just grind it out" in solving the tensions.

It won't be long before Nation of Islam leaders get an invitation to meet with Obama at the White House.

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Obama's comments make perfect sense when you consider that some whites in the South are just as racist as all the blacks.
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