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Thursday, July 07, 2016


On Dysgenetics

... for purposes of public policy, most European peoples would implicitly support a concept from whose name they are obliged to recoil. So since all things eugenic must be eschewed, that leaves society only one available course. And France has apparently taken it enthusiastically.

The linked article is from a French language piece in Le Monde showing (from what I can discern) research that indicates the country’s aggregate national IQ has declined four points from 1999 to 2009.

Even though such results belong in the pantheon of inevitability given their multicultural madness, the magnitude of what they are reporting is just stunning. Four points over a large population in one decade? I guess the future really does always arrive early.

It hardly requires discussion how dramatically such cognitive deterioration effects a country’s capabilities and living standards. Millions of people make billions of instant decisions throughout the course of daily life. As the quality of these decisions declines on an aggregate basis, the resulting friction reduces every aspect of civilizational fitness.

Theft over purchase, violence over negotiation, neglect over attention, slipshod over craftsmanship, filth over cleanliness, apathy over maintenance, spending over saving, gratification over investment, vandalism over art, appetite over restraint, and helplessness over self-reliance. Every precious tick down the bell curve’s left slope trends all of these decisions toward the former. The cumulative effects are so obvious that liberals had to conjure the imperative of Good Schools just to politely avoid them. But there’s only so high you can climb up a dropping anchor.

There is no pins-head upon which a society can primly perch. The effects of its policies and dogma always incentivize trends toward refinement or entropy. And as the most profound victims of feminism–intelligent white women–sell their fleeting fertility to soulless corporate cube farms, their dull brown counterparts say gracias! by filling the maternity wards. The dumb produce children, while the intelligent produce HR harassment guidelines.

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