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Thursday, July 07, 2016


If someone helps people out of self-interest is it bad?

From the chicago tribune we learn via a mind-meld

Trump isn’t a populist but a demagogue. The difference being that a populist seeks political power to work for the good of the average citizen. A demagogue claims the same motivation, but is truly only interested in aggrandizing himself.
And Porter at Kakistocracy asks:
It’s unfortunate Trump didn’t secure his mind’s wi-fi with WPA2 protocols. Though since he did not, media figures have gained unencrypted access to his innermost thoughts and motivations and publicized these widely without consent. It’s something to think about as you next stroll past a newsstand.

But here’s the relevant question: how should you as a voter feel to learn that the candidate who advanced your interests did so primarilly for his own benefit rather than yours? The logical answer: ecstatic. And why that’s so is an enigma no True Conservative will ever likely solve.

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