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Monday, July 25, 2016


Why I don’t support Black Lives Matter

1. Because it’s built on a lie: that racist white cops are hunting down black men to kill. The opposite is the truth. Black men driven by hatred fostered by Black Lives Matter activists are hunting down cops to kill. Black men don’t have to fear the police; the people they have to fear are other black men who are killing them indiscriminately. This year in Chicago alone more black men have been killed by other black men than were killed nation-wide by cops. The body count so far in Chicago is 277 Black victims, mostly men. In only four of the shootings were police involved. Nation-wide the number of blacks killed by police stands at 123.

2. Most of the people killed by police are white. In the U.S. a total of 509 citizens have been killed this year alone by police. The body count for the previous year stands at a grand total of 990 people shot dead. 123 of those shot were Black Americans.

3. Black people need more police protection, not less. The Black Lives Matter movement has had the Ferguson Effect which makes the police less likely to patrol black neighborhoods. Police are not going to attract a crowd of taunting bystanders in a white neighborhood where the worst crime is usually a burglary. Police want to go home to their families at night. They don’t want to be driven out of their homes by being accused of shooting a “gentle giant” on his way to grandmother’s house dreaming of starting college.

4. Black Lives Matter sends a racist message. It assumes that racism is what’s killing black men. That racism is the reason for black unemployment, for black poverty, for poor black schools. And it encourages people who are mentally unbalanced, who are already convinced that “The Man” is holding them down to go on a killing spree. So far the biggest mass killing of police have happened in Dallas and Baton Rouge, but across the country the police have been targeted for murder thanks to the racist rhetoric of Black Lives Matter.


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