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Friday, July 15, 2016


Trucks Rampaging in France

Virginian Pilot headline this morning:  “80 Dead After Truck Rams Crowd In France”

It seems that a truck’s at fault.  Just as, after each mass shooting, it’s the gun’s fault - going on a rampage is what guns do while the person holding it is it's helpless prisoner.

Just to underscore the point there is a subhead: “French leader calls it terrorist attack.”  The French leader's jumping to conclusions again.  The editors of the Virginian Pilot are not so sure that the truck is actually a terrorist.  They are withholding judgement until President Obama opines on the subject.  

Of one thing you can be sure, to Obama, the press and the Virginian Pilot the motives of the truck – the driver's mentioned as an afterthought – will be a puzzlement.  But it won’t be Muslim terrorism.  The truck was probably not even religious.

Picture of the aftermath of the rampaging truck.


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