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Saturday, July 30, 2016


Why would Russians prefer Trump?

“Democrats liked secret-stealing Russians so much better when they called themselves Communists.”
The media has turned the hack of the DNC into an full frontal attack on Trump.  Forgotten is the fact that the hacked e-mail show that the DNC stacked the deck for Hillary when it should, by modern rules, be neutral in the selection of candidates until the votes are counted.  Now the story is that the Russians back Trump.  But while this has yet to be proven; if it's true, why?

One comment, by CJW in The American Spectator article: WikiLeaks Crashes the Party has  a plausible answer:

The next question is why would the Russians prefer Trump? The Russkies are no longer the agent of world communism with that role taken over by the Democrats so they are not our Cold War adversary. The Russians have problems with Muslim terrorists on their southern border and have had terrorist attacks on their soil just as we have.

The Russians should be our ally in fighting the Muslim terrorists, just as they were an ally in fighting the Nazis. We do not have to be friends, just allies fighting a common enemy. Maybe the Russians prefer Trump, as any normal person who cares about defeating Muslim terrorism, because they believe Trump will fight Muslim terrorism.

There are two points that are so obvious that most people overlook them because they are stuck in a time-warp where Russia = Communism.  But are they?  Or are the simply a dictatorship?  

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