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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


The Virginian Pilot strikes out again

The Virginian Pilot’s headline above the story about the Baton Rouge cop killer was: 

“Ex-Marine who killed three officers stalked police, officials say.”

Denial, as they say, is not a river in Egypt.  It’s killing people.

Gavin Long, the killer, is a black separatist, a former member of the Nation of Islam and railed against the police, “crackers,” and several other ethnic groups in his Facebook account.  His belief system is no secret.  His identity as an ex-Marine is far down the list of things that are important to know about him.  But not to the people who work for the Virginian Pilot. 

How about this headline: “Facebook user who killed three police officers …”  Or how about “Cracker hater who killed three police officers …”

It’s of a piece with the decision of many in the press to describe the murders in Nice several days ago as the work of a truck rather than a man named Mohammed screaming Allahu Akbar as he ran over his victims.


You will notice that one of the slain men is black, as was the perpetrator. This incident takes us back to 1972 when we saw another spate of police murders by black power separatists and members of the Black Liberation Army.   You remember that in the early 70s a war against police began, a war in which police were gunned down by cold-blooded killers with a racial/political agenda and a convict past. The assailants were members of various black militant groups, mostly offshoots of the Black Panthers, such as the Black Liberation Army (BLA), which specialized in racially-motivated cop killings.  They killed cops, black, white, Asian, it didn't matter.  Just as Jihadists kill the unbeliever, no matter what his or her religion, even other Muslims.  

It was almost inevitable that the furor against police officers that’s been whipped up over the Castile and Sterling deaths would end in some person or persons deciding that killing a cop would be just the thing. Whether Long was crazy or not—and he may have been—and a lone wolf or not, even crazy people can be sparked to violence by an atmosphere of orchestrated hatred. 

A hatred that has been fostered by Obama when he said that Trayvon Martin, shot while trying to batter George Zimmerman to death, could have been his son, if he had a son.   

It was fostered by the a lying, racist, press when they described Michael Brown as a “gentle giant” out for a stroll when he was stalked and brutally shot by a racist cop while his hands were raised shouting “don’t shoot.”  The real story was that Brown was thug who just robbed a grocery store, roughed up its owner, who wrestled for an officer’s gun and was shot while attacking the officer. 

And it continues to be fostered by Team Obama who blames police for the pathology of the black underclass and the press who are desperate to hide the truth by blaming the Marines … or trucks … for the carnage in our streets.

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