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Thursday, July 07, 2016


Democrats: elect Hillary because while she's failure, she's not going to be on trial

One of the many extraordinary things about this present political crisis is the reality that the Democratic establishment is lockstep behind a woman who has unquestionably failed the public in multiple, consequential ways — yet they believe she’s somehow triumphant because she’s not actually facing a criminal trial.

Consider the following: Benghazi — yes, she pushed a military intervention that turned Libya into an ISIS playground, failed to adequately protect U.S. diplomatic personnel, and then misled the public when four brave men (including a U.S. ambassador) died, but there’s no proof that she actually intended their deaths, so she’s cleared to be POTUS.

Clinton Foundation — yes, her family foundation took massive donations from foreign entities, and then the State Department made decisions that benefited those same entities, but there’s no “smoking gun” evidence of a quid pro quo, so she’s cleared to be POTUS.

Emails — yes, there’s evidence that she sent and received highly-classified emails on an unclassified system, and she unquestionably systematically lied to the American people, but the FBI director won’t recommend prosecution, so she’s cleared to be POTUS.

See a pattern here?


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