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Saturday, July 30, 2016


ISIS, Palestinians and Democrats vs. Civilization

When ISIS operatives bomb civilians creating mass casualties, cut the throats of elderly priests and shoot up a Christmas party in San Bernardino, militant Muslims celebrate.  The 9/11 hijackers were praised by Al-Qaeda.  

Osama bin Laden was hailed and adored by much of the Muslim world.  Here’s how he is described by a Saudi journalist: “He’s the father, he’s the brother, he is a leader, he is the Imam.”

Successful terror attacks on Israelis are followed by Palestinians passing out candy in celebration

Taking a page from the ISIS, al-Qaeda, Palestinian play-book, in the U.S., when a thug robs a store, attacks a policeman, tries to take his gun and charges him before being shot, Democrats erect memorials to the thug, call him a “Gentle Giant” claim he was hunted down and shot in cold blood while his hands were raised, throw a party and invite the thug’s mother for a prime time speech.  

In between these two events they loot Ferguson, Missouri and burn down the rest.

In Baltimore, a city run by Democrats for over 50 years, Freddy Gray, a 25-year-old with over 20 criminal court cases behind him, was arrested and died in police custody.  Six officers were accused of killing him, all were exonerated but the city gave his family a payday of $6 million.   That beats getting a piece of candy but this is America, not the Middle East.

When you celebrate cop killers and accuse cops of systematically murdering young black men you should not be surprised that a meaningful number of your young admirers decide to shoot a cop on their own.    

“What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” and "Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon" is not a cry and response that sane people want chanted.  To simply pass by without comment or claim it wasn’t you when your lunatic fringe begins a murder spree - killing five cops in Dallas and three in Baton Rouge, ambushing cops in their cars or during traffic stops - is totally unacceptable. 

And let there be no mistake, the Democrat lunatic fringe is going mainstream.  Today it's impossible to tell where responsible Democrats leave off and advocates of shooting cops begin but they're all in the same party and no one is trying to drive them out.  The Black Lives Matter cop haters are just too big a part of the Democrat voting block so they are catered to.

To make heroes or heroines of people who were shot trying to kill cops is not OK.  It puts the Democrats in the same camp as the Muslims cheering the death of infidels and Jews.  And it encourages more of the same in the same way that ISIS encourages more “lone wolf” attacks by its fans in Europe and America by idolizing those who murder in its name. 

A talk radio host in Norfolk, Virginia was bothered by the Democrat’s celebration of moms whose kids were killed in a segment called Mothers of the Movement.  These speakers included the mother of Michael Brown, the so-called “Gentle Giant” who was killed after he tried to wrestle Officer Wilson's gun away from him in Ferguson, Missouri.  Another Mother of the Movement was the mother of Trayvon Martin who was shot while trying to batter a neighborhood watchman to death by slamming his head against the pavement.  One irate caller with a bad connection ranted for several minutes about the unfairness of police in New Jersey, New York and – I assume – Norfolk, Virginia.  His high-speed complaint was mostly undecipherable but appeared to justify the attacks on cops.  I would suggest that police in Norfolk watch their backs because someone has a grudge.   It's worth noting that the Virginian Pilot, the city's main newspaper, is a big supporter of Black Lives Matter and has a history of covering up crimes committed by black gangs.  

The Liberal press went wild when Gabby Giffords was shot by a nut of no known political persuasion when someone found that Sarah Palin had targeted Giffords for defeat in the upcoming election by placing cross-hairs on  a map of her district.  Palin was accused by every Liberal with access to the media of being responsible for Gifford’s shooting.

Let me just get ahead of the next cop shooting.  

Unlike Palin who did nothing to encourage anyone to shoot Giffords, Hillary and the Democrats have blood on their hands.  The German public understands this and shows Angela Merkel drenched in the blood of the victims of Muslim immigrant crimes.  Replace Merkel’s face with Hillary’s and you see the reality of race, crime and Democrat politics in America.

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