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Tuesday, July 26, 2016



“Trump is not the standardbearer I wanted, but he is the standardbearer we've got.”

I keep hearing that, and I understand it, but I would like to disagree, for one simple reason: you are not going to read a revolt from behind. Here’s a though experiment: you want to overthrow a corrupt system. Nuns, pastors and pacifists may stand on street corners and yell slogans but they are not going to get the kind of following that leads to revolutions. That requires rough men; the kind who will not be physically or emotionally intimidated. Who will not be co-opted and who will create an atmosphere that allows people to think that they can win.

Name me one person, other than Trump who is willing to carry the banner and who fits that description. And, no, it’s not Ted Cruz, who lets personal pique get the better of him.


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