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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Negative ads bounce off Trump's chest

She is in trouble. He neutralized her biggest advantage in this race: money. Negative ads bounce off Trump's chest. Any normal Republican candidate -- Jeb, Rubio, Cruz -- would be Dukakis Man Walking by now after such a barrage of ads.

Not Trump. What scandal can Clinton use to dissuade his voters from crawling over broken glass and going to the polls this fall? Divorce? He's had two. Bankruptcy? Four. DUI? He doesn't drink and besides, he has a chauffeur. He gave money to a crooked politician? Yes, and her name is Clinton.

There are two reasons for this invulnerability.

The first of course is leadership. Unlike Clinton, Trump is a leader. He was the captain of his class in military school, elected out of 99 guys. Hillary was valedictorian at Wellesley. That's not leadership but rather the mark of a good advisor. One of the reasons we want a general or a governor as president is they have proven leadership skills. His come from outside of politics.

The second is message. Make America Great Again.

Trump's voters are fed up with the system. It's rigged. She's one of the biggest riggers. Not indicted. And the emails show the skids were greased for her in the primaries.

Not so Trump. They threw the kitchen sink at him. He didn't duck it, but caught it, stood on it, and shouted, "What else do you have?"

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