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Thursday, July 14, 2016


Three Black men shot in Norfolk; Virginian Pilot doesn't report

The Virginian Pilot, the local paper in Norfolk, Virginia, had a story the recently about several Black Lives Matter marches that included blocking the major road and tunnel connecting Portsmouth and Norfolk.  The BLM disruptions were ostensibly to protest the myth that racist police are out hunting black men and shooting them in cold blood.  

The police are the biggest threat to the lives of black men according to BLM. As one of the featured columnists in the Pilot explains: “… a routine traffic stop, playing in the park, or shopping at Wal Mart could be fatal activities for African Americans.”  The same writer calls the BLM march in Dallas, “otherwise peaceful” if you don’t count the nine police wounded and the five killed.

Yesterday was marked by the shooting of three young black men sitting in a car smoking dope, an event that was recorded for posterity because, for some reason, one of them was live streaming his activities on Facebook.  He dropped his cell phone when the shooting began but the camera kept recording.

It made the NY Daily News but not the Virginian Pilot:
A barrage of at least 30 shots were heard during the attack, which unfolded at around 6 p.m. in the Norfolk suburb of Berkley. The recording uploaded by a T.J. Williams on Facebook continued to record for at least two hours as good Samaritans and paramedics tended to the three victims, who were all in their late 20s.

The three men were sitting inside a vehicle that was shot up in the Berkley suburb of Norfolk, Virginia.

The Drudge Report had the news.

To the Virginian Pilot, when it comes to black men being shot in Norfolk, it only matters if the shooter is a white cop.  That’s their narrative and they’re sticking to it. Otherwise it never gets to the front page.  In fact it did not get into the dead tree paper today at all and is a sidebar in the on-line version.

Violent and disruptive protests sparked by the “Black Lives Matter” movement have caused serious injuries to numerous law enforcement officers in Minnesota, Illinois, Louisiana, and Missouri, five policemen were shot down by sniper fire in Texas and at four others have been shot in ambushes around the country, gangs of thugs have inflicted severe violence on attendees at the presumptive Republican nominee’s rallies in several other jurisdictions, not to mention the even worse carnage inflicted by radical Islamist terrorists.  But to the Virginian Pilot, the protests and traffic disruption by a few hundred BLM participants remains the big news. 

One of the primary ways the Virginian Pilot - and all of the press - distorts the news is the editors’ decisions of what to leave out.  The shooting yesterday of three black men and their bullet riddled car is not news to the Pilot.  Now, if the shooter could only have been white, or better yet a cop, and it would have been “stop the presses.”

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