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Monday, July 04, 2016


The press is a "proper Victorian Gent" protecting Bill and Hillary

One of the interesting things about Bud Norman’s comments is that you read them and it seems Hillary’s biggest fault is that her election is “inevitable.” This column is a good example. While there are references to scandals we are never told what those scandals are. Bud’s never shy about characterizing the manifold reasons for disliking Donald Trump, but when his gaze turns to either Bill or Hillary we get veiled references to “scandal.” 

Tom Wolfe hit it on the nose in The Right Stuff when he described the press as “proper Victorian gents” when it comes to the Clintons. The media, including our current scribe, become “proper Victorian gents” in describing what the Clintons did.

It’s not a “dalliance” that Bill had with Monica, she gave him blow jobs and he inserted cigars into her vagina.

It’s not hard at all to figure out how Hillary got a $100,000 bribe via trading cattle futures, but the proper Victorian gents of the press treat it as a mystery that will never be solved.

It’s blatantly obvious that Bill and Hillary sold access and political favors – past, present and future – for hundreds of millions of contributions to their private foundation and for giving insipid speeches.

In other words they solicited bribes and sold the offices they held. And in view of the upcoming election they got pre-payment for even more political pay-offs once she becomes President.  Those speaking fees and foundation contributions were like buying her a gift card which those wealthy donors can use later for anything that she can give as President.

The Clintons were protected by a party that hates Western culture. And they were protected by the press, which glanced at this and decided to look away, calling a leg a limb. The biggest heist since the Caepio stole the gold of Tolosa gets a shrug by the press. 

 The real story is whether the Clintons get away with it again and the press is rooting for the Clintons. They are protected by the proper Victorian gent who can abide the selling of the country with aplomb but can’t abide impolite language.

UPDATE: Zombietime has an outstanding example of the kind of fake narrative you get from the "professional" media vs. the reality of what actually happens.  It's pictures of what the anti-Trump demonstrators at a Trump rally in Burlingame actually did, how they looked, what their signs said and how they acted.  On occasions like this the press decides the story that it wants to print and finds the narrative and the pictures that go with their story.  Keep in mind that the story is never the truth.; it's a STORY.

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If the same FBI which prosecuted Americans for violating copyrights by downloading music doesn't indict Hillary, we are indeed a banana republic.
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