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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Around world, Obama's presidency a disappointment

Associated Press headline.  Unfortunately, it's American that have to live with him.  The election can't come soon enough.

Of course a majority of American voters believed that HopeN’Change was a policy. Or that the election of Obama would usher in lower sea levels and a healing earth. Of course these same people believed that sea levels were too high and the earth was diseased, a testimony to global warming hysteria.

But the hopes that foreigners had for Obama are even more absurd, if that’s possible.

Somalians waited for him to bring prosperity to Mogadishu, Europeans hoped he’d be more supportive of a failing European socialism; Muslims were astonished at his support for gay marriage while waiting for his rapproachment to Islam. There is surprise that his repudiation of the policies of his ‘hated predecessor George W. Bush’ may now result in the restarting of genocide. “To be frank, the Republicans protected the Kurdish people, while Obama’s administration is not”. The Chinese are disappointed he still supports Japan, while the Japanese are sorry at his submissiveness to China. In other words, the Obama’s international supporters expected him to do what a domestic supporter hoped he would do: pay her rent and fuel bills.

Maybe that’s what happens when a person runs as a ‘blank screen’ on which everyone can project their expectations. The fantasy figure thereby created can hardly exist in reality. You can’t get a retreating, protecting, bill-paying, deficit-cutting, gay supportive, African-American authentic, metrosexual, SEAL buddy President.

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