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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Sucker Punch

Are you beginning to notice a pattern?

Some guy is walking down the street, is approached by some teens, and gets sucker punched. No warning. No “give me your money.” Simple sudden violence with a punch in the face followed by a swarming gang attack with kicks to the head and body.

And then the gang runs away, perhaps after taking a cell phone or – in the case of Pastor Winans taking his car. Or maybe not taking anything at all, just laughing and enjoying the thrill of beating someone up.

Sort of like the story George Zimmerman told about being beaten by Trayvon Martin.

But the sucker punch seems to be a common thread, and if you can knock someone out with one punch to the face, like the Baltimore tourist, you get extra points and the gang laughs and cheers.  They're having a party watching someone being beaten and humiliated, even performing sex acts on the victim.  They even videotape their attacks and post them on-line.   The only people unaware of these attacks are those who get their news from their newspaper

Where does it come from? Is this a scene from a movie that kids are copying? Is this a style, like the droopy pants and shoes without laces that’s a take-off from prison wear ( where they take your belt and shoelaces to keep you from harming yourself)?

Really, it’s like a new dance craze. Where does it come from, who are they patterning themselves after?

Here's a story from downtown Washington DC.

Dear PoPville,
I wanted to make you aware of a recent attack in Logan Circle, particularly after the mugging incident near 15th & Q a couple of weeks ago.

A group of about 10 teenagers (approx. 13-14 years old) attacked a man on the north side of Q St near Kingman Pl around 5:30 p.m. last Saturday, May 12.

I noticed a group of teenagers standing near the corner of Kingman & Q on the south side of the street. I did not think much of it, as they seemed to be in good spirits and joking with each other. A few minutes later, I heard some unintelligible yelling from the north side of the street. I could not see what was happening because trees and cars on the north side of Q blocked my view, so I walked across the street.

I found a group of neighbors helping a man who had apparently been attacked by the group. We could see some of the teenagers in the distance running east, near the skate park at Rhode Island Ave. They appeared jovial, as if the attack was for fun.

A resident of a nearby home offered the man a seat on her front steps, gave him some water, and helped him treat his scraped wrist. The man called the police, who arrived shortly, and an ambulance came a few minutes later. The man said he was headed toward 14th St when the group crossed Q St to the north side of the street where they quickly approached him. One group member punched him in the face, sending him to the ground where about half of the others in the group continued to hit him while the rest watched. It was NOT a robbery – they did not take anything from him. Neither did they say anything to him prior to the attack.
It's worth reading the whole thing including especially the comments from the locals as well as the victim.  Note that the victim says the police don't return his calls.  The members of the Ruling Class which includes the editors and the police are rarely the victims so they are occupied covering up these acts out of political correctness. 
When they do surface, the excuse is that the police don't take them seriously.  That's the reason given by Dennis Findley of the Virginian Pilot for refusing to report the gang attack on a couple of his staff on the way back from a show.  The police don't follow up because it's too much trouble; besides the perpetrators are often juveniles who are going to be released if they are ever caught. 

Meanwhile the attacks go on and people are either afraid to go out or begin buying guns in record numbers.  Of course, sometimes the hit isn't a sucker punch, sometimes it's a drive-by shooting of a victim picked at random.  

Remember when running in the halls or chewing gum would get you in trouble?  No?  You must be young. 

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