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Friday, May 11, 2012

Poor Obama, he's being held back by the presidency.

James Taranto's Best of the Web today has what has to be the stupidest written comment by an Obama groupie. 
The White House is holding Obama back. The gulf between the brilliant young man who wanted to change the world and the stymied president who can barely pass a piece of legislation, the cosmopolitan wearer of the sarong and the lock-step wearer of the flag pin, suggests he could have served the American people far more effectively if he weren't bogged down being the leader of the free world.
he concludes:
See why we decided to become a serious journalist instead of a satirist? We couldn't possibly compete with this stuff.
I just had to see if Meghan Daum, the writer for the LA Times, is being taken out of context. But she's NOT! The headline of her article is Daum: Too brainy to be president? 

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