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Monday, May 21, 2012

The attack by the violent Left.

There are a few high profile instances that get some reporting. Note that in this report from the NY Times who these rioters are and what their motivation is covered in 11 words: "opposed to war and to NATO or motivated by other issues." Not to beat a dead horse too much, you can give generous odds that of the impossible happened and the group rioting were Tea Partiers, they would be identified and they would be pilloried for being racist, sexist homophobes and a threat to the country.

Some you only heard about if you get your important information from the Internet.  For example it seems that a convicted terrorist named Brett Kimberlin, with funding from the Tides Foundation, Barbra Streisand and John Kerry’s wife has been stalking a blogger named Aaron Worthing, got him and his wife fired because of threats of violence and tried to frame him for a crime.

The Internet is becoming a more dangerous place as people go beyond invective and insults and try to do others real harm. 

Here's more from Stacy McCain
... It takes an “Army of Breitbarts” to overcome the indifference, inertia and bias of the mainstream media. One blogger can accomplish little on his own, and I am therefore grateful to all those who have helped call attention to the Kimberlin case, including:

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A.W. said...

This is Aaron, one of many victims of Brett Kimberlin's harassment, and the one who set off this growing firestorm. Thanks for helping to promote this story.

At my blog, Allergic to Bull, I have a massive story, where i prove that Brett Kimberlin tried to frame me for a crime. You don't have to believe my word, only your eyes as i show you extensive documentary and video evidence of his crime.