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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why did Obama put his dog on the roof of the car? So it wouldn’t get stoned.

Via Jim Treacher at the Daily Caller:
Question: What’s the sound of David Axelrod’s weekend getting ruined?
Alex Pappas reports:
A new book on Barack Obama reveals fresh details about the president’s youthful days as an avid smoker of marijuana — a time when he and his fellow weed smokers called themselves the “Choom Gang.”
Among the highlights:
— Obama was known for his interceptions. This is the act of joining a circle of people passing around a joint, taking a hit and yelling, “Intercepted!”
— Obama and his friends at the Punahou School in Hawaii called themselves the “Choom Gang” — choom means smoking weed — and drove around in a Volkswagen bus called the “Choomwagon.”
— Obama and his crew enjoyed what they called “roof hits,” smoking pot inside a car with all the windows rolled up to maximize the amount of smoke they inhaled.

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