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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The moral preening of 2008 Obama voters in the person of Professor Ann Althouse.

I hope that I’m not misunderstanding Ann Althouse when quote her but when I read this I was immediately struck by the amazing amount of preening going on.  The subject is Dan Quale’s comment surrounding the unwed parentage of “Murphy Brown.”  For those too young to remember the character was the lead in a situation comedy show named after her who had a child without being married.  Dan Quayle, then Vice President, tried to make the point hat having children without being married was not a good idea.  He was pilloried by members of the media for (1) being mean to unmarried mothers who everyone knew were just as good as married mothers and (2) referring to a fictional character as a role model. 
Ann Althouse is “pushing back” against the belief that Quayle was right in his comments because … well I – as a long time reader of her blog – think that in her view, nothing that she’s for is wrong.  For example, here is her comment regarding her position: 
Look at what is being admitted. There are a whole lot of people who are insufficiently smart, competent, and emotionally stable to make a decision involving a complex set of factors, so we need to dominate their minds with a starker structure of "right" and "wrong," even where those of us who are really smart and able to process complex factors know it's not really a matter of right and wrong. 

Putting it in other words: people who are not as smart as Ann may be having babies out of wedlock so they have to be brainwashed into thinking that they are doing wrong.  The really smart people know that those stupid moral rules are for simpletons.  We can create our own rules because we are “really smart.”

Not to pick on Ann, but I have noticed the tendency of people on the Left to be sinless in their own eyes.  Ann has a homosexual son so to her the issue of gay marriage is not open to debate.   To her it’s human rights issue that’s clear-cut; her son should not be excluded from the military or from matrimony. 
Ann voted for Obama and that wasn’t a mistake; it’s not her fault that Obama has turned out to be the kind of President that the Right predicted.
The Christian view of humans is the belief that we are all fallen creatures, prone to sin, in need of Christ’s redemption.  Ann Althouse prefers to believe that she’s a very good judge of good and evil and if her view come into conflict with religious doctrine or millennia of human experience, her view is superior because  she’s one of “.. those of us who are really smart and able to process complex factors.” 

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