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Friday, May 11, 2012

A short history of Washington Post lies.

The Washington Post has a well-deserved reputation for character assassination when it comes to Republicans.  Remember “macaca?”  That infamous racial slur that no one ever heard before?  That was all the Washington Post needed to slime George Allen as a racist, flog the story endlessly on its front pages and defeat the popular governor in his run for the senate. 

And then there was the word painted on a rock.  That was good for quite a number of storiesin the Washington Post about Rick Perry, branding him as a racist. 
Just as Perry was getting his campaign moving the Washington Post decided this would be a perfect time to dredge up some useless fact from decades in the past about a piece of land the Perry family leased to hunt on that had this big rock with a racial slur painted on it. 

The MSM spent over a week flogging the story to death from coast to coast despite the fact that if you looked at the details you would notice:
1. The Perry family only leased a part of the land, they did not own it, it did not belong to them. 
2. They did not paint the offensive slur on the rock.
3. The rock was painted over long ago. 
But this apparently was the only way the MSM could tie 'Rick Perry' and the word 'N***r' together in the same sentence and hey, you have to work with what you get.  So we got days 'n days of outrageous OUTRAGE!!! over this LAND THAT THE PERRY FAMILY OWNED where they had PAINTED THIS TERRIBLE WORD n stuff!

The Washington Post never let facts get in the way of a good smear.  But this one about George Romney they are not going to get away with.  The alternative media is going to call them on it.  Jason Horowitz is a liar. 

According to the original story young Mitt Romney cut someone’s long hair.  The problem is that at least one of Horowitz’ "witnesses" was not there and the victim’s family says the story is false.  Here are the details.

Sister of Alleged Romney Target Has ‘No Knowledge’ of Any Bullying Incident

Does WaPo Know Obama Shoved a Little Girl?

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